Crusader Reviews

Reviews of Crusaders for Wildlife, 2nd Edition

“Glen Hinshaw was the wildlife officer in the Upper Rio Grande for nearly 22 years. He went on to be the information and education specialist for the southwest region and retired in 1997 as the education coordinator for western Colorado, including the San Luis Valley. . . . Using narrative accompanied by maps, drawings, photographs, and stories of pioneers he interviewed, Hinshaw’s new book examines the resulting impacts of trappers, prospectors, miners, loggers, homesteaders, and more recently urban recreationists-have had on wildlife and wilderness.”  ~ Valley Courier, Alamosa. [Read article.]

“Glen combines a vast amount of personal research with more than 25-years of being a saddleback game warden in southwestern Colorado. A must read for anyone interested in forestry and wildlife conservation.”
~ George B. Harpole, author

“Much of the success of the wildlife in the region can be attributed to Glen’s efforts as an exemplary wildlife officer. With his first-hand knowledge, experience, and research, he has created a fascinating and comprehensive history of the wildlife of southwestern Colorado.”
~ Larry Osborne, Texas State Game Warden (Retired)

“A genuinely good storyteller, Glen offers an in-depth look into the history of mountain men, Indians, and wildlife conservationists from early Colorado to today.”
~ Patricia Trahey, Retired Editor, Colorado Outdoors

“A well-written and accurate historical reference, chronicling the history of wildlife management in Colorado. Glen’s book includes personal testimony from settlers who ‘lived through’ the times, and his own life’s work with the Colorado Parks and Wildlife.”
~ Mark Rackay, Outdoors/Preparedness Expert,
Columnist and Director for Montrose County Sheriff’s Posse

“Through extensive, and often hilarious, interviews with many ‘old-timers,’ meticulous research, and over 30 years of his own field experience, Glen has provided us with a memory that could so quickly and easily be forgotten, if not for his efforts.  You’ll get a ‘behind-the-scenes’ glimpse of what often influences political decisions and policies that have major implications for the future of wildlife.  You’ll get a sense of not only how the settlement of the west by Europeans impacted wildlife, but how a developing concern for wildlife influenced our growing occupation of the land.  It was not always a pretty picture, and Glen has no compunction in calling a spade a spade. . . .

“He has not only preserved a part of history that probably would have been lost; he dispels many myths that probably would have been perpetuated”
~ Geoff Tischbein
Colorado Division of Wildlife Information Specialist, retired, Montrose Colorado